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The Siphon water filter is an innovative and affordable water filter. It removes all turbidity and 99.99 % of all harmful bacteria and parasites (log 4 to 5 ). It has been tested extensively by laboratories, in India, Tanzania, Mozambique and the Netherlands. All concluded that the filter is highly effective. The filter capacity is 7.000 liters, which is enough for the drinking water of a large family for one year. After one year the filter element has to be replaced which costs around 2 Euro. The plastic parts last for 5 years. The retail price of a complete filter is 7 to 11 Euro depending on transport and other cost. After the introduction in 2007 some 100.000 filters are now in use in 15 countries mostly in Africa. To create sustainable supply chains Connect International now cooperates with the organization REF and other organisations and filters are sold on a commercial base via shops and direct sales. For schools, health clinics and special cases filters are disseminated for free or at a reduce price.

How it works
The Siphon filter consists of a reinforced filter element impregnated with colloidal silver. This element is connected with a tube, a bulb and a tap. The filter element is placed in a container which is 0.7 meter higher than the clean water container. With the bulb a vacuum is created and since the tube goes to a lower level, a vacuum, siphon function is created and water continues to flow at a speed of 4 -5 liters per hour. The filter can be cleaned by closing the tap and pressing the bulb. (backwashing). The filter includes an “end of life” indicater so families know when to replace the filter element.

The Siphon filter is mentioned in the new publication of the Netherlands Water Partnership
Smart Disinfection Solutions. This booklet contains information on 21 conventional and new low cost options to disinfect and clean water at communal and Household level. See kitpublishers.

The filter can be ordered with Connect International. Revenues of sales are used for filter projects in Tanzania and other countries.

Movie about the Tulip water filter used in Mozambique


August 2010

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