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WE Group

Wij werken samen met de WE (Water & Environment) Group.


Since 2003 the WE Group is active in the water and engineering sector of Uganda, Mozambique, Swaziland, South Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, DRCongo, Burundi and Southern Sudan.

The WE Group, with offices in Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia, is a group of companies consisting of water resources and environmental specialists, engineers and architects providing professional advice and management for development projects in East and Southern Africa. The WE Group has always offered specific expertise for (ground) water, sanitation and environmental studies, which can be considered our core business. Since a few years, activities of the WE Group have expanded to other areas of development, including institutional, organizational and policy aspects of rural WASH sector development, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) mapping, surveying, construction supervision, etc. The WE Group is represented in Europe by Connect International, a NGO that has rural WASH consultancy services in Africa as its core-business and collaborates with WE Consult since several years to integrate and expand its services while adding a vast network of international WASH consultants to the WE Group.

From preliminary analysis to design, costing and construction supervision, WE help people reach their project goals and WE can synthesise the many challenges of any projects into integrated, achievable programs.

tznj007 Wikichi Intake reservoir with water.JPG
tznj007 Wikichi Intake reservoir with water.JPG


The WE Group aims to improve the lives and livelihoods in Eastern and Southern Africa through sustainable, professional consulting and project management in the water sector.



Healthier, wealthier and happier people in Eastern and Southern Africa through WE Group's services.

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